Waterpoint is a text-based shared virtual space. A MOO.

Waterpoint takes place on an island called "Waterpoint" somewhere off the eastern coast of North America far enough north to have cold winters and mildly hot summers. The island appears to be abandoned by its former owners.

Waterpoint is occupied by a bunch of people that started washing ashore in the late 1990's. They have built numerous toys, a few buildings, and spent a lot of time talking.

We have a web server (you need an account to use most of it).

Requesting a character

Fill out the character request form. A password will be mailed to you.

Be nice.


Your new player email will contain your password and brief instructions on how to connect. Once you reach the Waterpoint welcome screen, type connect username password. You'll want to use a MUD client of some sort instead of telnet, but telnet will work for basic interaction.

The general spirit for building is relatively free creation, but don't build any fartbonkers.

See the programmer policy for how a user becomes a programmer.